Decentralized Financial Solutions

The future of finance is being built with blockchain technology and without intermediaries.

Solidefi is at the forefront
of this movement.



Solidefi Technology Pvt Ltd is a Blockchain technology company which develops decentralized financial solutions through open financial infrastructure development and programmable finance

Soldiefi is based out of New Zealand andhas offices in New Zealand, USA and India.




The Solidefi Invest platform is focused on growth in emerging market countries where there exists a high demand for USD based savings and access to global digital assets.

Individuals anywhere in the world can invest in tokenized global financial assets like Stocks, Commodities, ETFs and Crypto in a secure, non-custodial manner using Block Chain Technology. Funds can be deposited and withdrawn in seconds at any time with very low transaction fees

The Dapp (Distributed application) is available in web and mobile and powered by Mirror and Synthetix protocols which enable investment in digital synthetic assets. Investors also get high-interest USD savings through the Anchor protocol.

solidefi invest
solidefi invest


Solidefi helps small businesses, brokers, Enterprises and Financial institutions to integrate into Open DeFi protocols. These are powered through Ethereum, an Enterprise grade blockchain protocol and Gnosis Safe, a multi custodial secure wallet.

Solidefi offers white label solutions for businesses which want to complement their existing services with decentralized finance solutions to better serve their customers. This provides better financial services, instant settlement, lower cost and higher savings rates.


Solidefi Trade is designed for users who trade in digital assets. Our Decentralized Exchange Platform (DEX) allows traders anywhere in the world to seamlessly trade on any Digital tokenized asset. The Platform is build using v, a leading blockchain with unprecedented speed and low transaction costs.

solidefi invest
solidefi invest


(To be launched shortly)

Solidefi Fund is a non-custodial fund for investment in digital assets. It provides exposure to the DeFi ecosystem by utilising a mix of capital appreciating & yield generating strategies. There’s no custodial risk with Solidefi as the funds are locked in smart contracts which cannot be accessed by Fund Managers.

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